Invite our adorable miniature burros to entertain your guests at your next kids birthday party, southwestern theme party, Fiesta de Quince Anos, or Cinco de Mayo party.  It's fun, easy, and a great way to entertain your guests!

Educational Kids Birthday Party

Your kids will love meeting our miniature burros! They can pet & brush, feed, and dress them up in ribbons & bows! They'll learn all about their breed, habitat, diet, training and animal-assisted therapy work they do at nursing homes. Kids can also "paint the burro" where they use finger paint to put their own hand print on the burro. It's super fun and makes a great photo! Our little burros also love to do tricks and entertain the guests at your kids birthday party! "Super-fun and educational!"

Southwestern Theme Party, Cinco de Mayo Party and Fiesta de Quince Anos

Surprise your guests and invite a burro to your next adult or family party!  They can be dressed up Southwestern style with Mexican blankets & sombreros and carry beer, tequila or any beverage you provide in saddle packs to serve your guests. This is known as a "beer burro". They love to interact with guests, are excellent conversation starters, and love posing for photos. An excellent addition to a Cinco de Mayo party or Fiesta de Quince Anos.



Our-hour (minimum) is $450.00
One-hour, 30 minutes (90 minutes) is $675.00
Two-hours (maximum) is $900.00

**For events outside of the valley there is a travel fee.  It's important we know your location as soon as possible to ensure a precise quote.